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Create 3D models and animations. Generate meshes, polygons and shapes, and drag handlers or enter precise measures to resize them. Apply a wide range of visual effects, work with 3D printed models, UV unwrapping, texturing, rigging and skinning, fluid and smoke simulating, sculpting, rendering, and many other tools.

Blender is intended to make high quality animations. Two obstacles usually prevent users from this type of applications. First and foremost, there is money, because 3D-rendering programs are prohibitively expensive for many users. Second, there is usability since using these tools requires a lot of expertise. Luckily, Blender is free, so that leaves only the second barrier left. This means that if you are not willing to spend long hours learning to use it and consulting the multiple tutorials available in the web, you had better look elsewhere, because this program is not for you.
Blender has a necessarily complex user graphic interface. Otherwise, it would have been practically impossible to include so many functions. However, the tools, functions and property dialog boxes packed into the interface do not interfere with working on the images. If you are already familiar with other similar software as 3D Studio, you will probably find many similarities. This could noticeably soften the learning curve.
Blender includes all the tools that are necessary for creating and animating 3D objects. They allow you to create meshes, polygons and shapes, which you can resize by simply dragging handlers or providing the exact measures. In addition, these objects can be animated in a time-line style, using the tools grouped under the headings: Modeling, Interface, Rigging, Animation, UV Unwrapping, Shading, Physics, Particles and Rendering.
Perhaps, some users would underestimate its potentialities because of its being free. Nothing to fear: Blender is in absolute terms one the best 3D-rendering applications. Multiple sample projects are available on line that prove how powerful its animation engine is. The program can be successfully used to create 3D animations, games and concepts.

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  • It creates high-quality 3D animations
  • It is open-source
  • It has an extensive support and development community
  • It includes lots of options, functions and tools
  • It supports downloading and adding extras
  • Extras can also be programmed


  • It is difficult to use

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Best 3D animation tool!

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This is so awesome.

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